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Optical Transceiver Features and Benefits

Product Development
Continuous development and engineering of new products for the latest industry network platforms, including mainstream and legacy devices.
TruCode™ Compatible Coding
Uniquely serialized and programmed in-house for seamless integration and identical functionality to OEM products. Each transceiver product is programmed for its specific intended application.
Product Validation
Test lab containing more than 50 of the latest network devices between 20 different manufacturers enables product development and verifies compatibility and functionality in all operating software versions.
Certification Testing
Benchmark and certification testing in the industry’s leading vendor agnostic traffic-simulation equipment ensures low-latency performance and high-reliability.
Support team consisting of Cisco Certified Network Engineers, Professionals, and Fiber Optic Technicians which work closely with our customers to provide the most comprehensive pre- and post-sales support.
Vast Product Offering
More than 4000 different transceiver, cable, and memory products supporting more than 50 manufacturers.
Custom Solutions
Custom transceiver and cable solutions not offered by OEMs. Through in-house development and programming, custom solutions for any network and any platform are available.
Extensive Inventory
Over 90% of products offered are in stock including high inventory levels of the industry top-selling products for immediate shipping on large-scale orders.

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