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DRAM (dynamic random-access memory) stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor within an integrated circuit (IC). DRAM is very fast memory that loses its information when the network device is shutdown or restarted. In a network router and switch, DRAM is used to hold running IOS Operating System, IOS system tables and buffers. DRAM is also used to store routing tables, keep address resolution protocol (ARP) caches, and perform packet buffering tasks. DRAM provides temporary memory for the router configuration file while the router is powered on.
Flash memory is an EEPROM (electronically erasable and re-programmable) memory chip. Flash memory contains the full Operating System Image (IOS, Internetwork Operating System). This allows you to upgrade the OS without removing chips from a system. Flash memory retains content when a router is powered down or restarted. Because Flash memory is reprogrammable and retains information even when the power is turned off, Flash is common in data centers where performance matters.
ENET Compatible Memory (-ENC)
ENET Compatible Memory (-ENC) modules are built by ENET by utilizing similar components and configurations as the OEM original modules. The fit, form, and function is identical to the OEM original achieving maximum performance while providing substantial savings. Using the same IC components and configurations ensures identical functionality that is compatible with all Operating software versions.
ENET Approved Memory (-ENA)
ENET Approved Memory (-ENA) modules are manufactured by the same major memory manufacturers that build for the OEMs such as Smart Modular, Unigen, Micron, and Samsung. These modules are manufactured for the OEMs under the most stringent guidelines utilizing identical components, builds, and revisions that are used by the OEMs. 

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